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Tequila Weekend

The heat here is really reaching a fever pitch - this past week has seen daily temperatures reaching up to 33°C. 

To escape the heat, our outdoor activity yesterday consisted of staying indoors by heading out to the mall at Elements. We almost always go to Cafe Iguana when we're at Elements because we can never resist having some Mexican. 

We were having a lazy afternoon, leisurely tucking into our tacos, spicy wings and magaritas. After wolfing down guacamole and chips, my son was getting restless sitting at the table waiting for us to polish off our Mexican feast.

He wandered off, and we, being totally absorbed in ceviche and salsa, failed to realize that he was not crawling about under the table (as he is prone to do). We suddenly realized with a start that he wasn't anywhere in sight. 

We hastily hunted for him and found him... the bar! Which totally cracked us up.

Looking lonesome and forlorn, the attentive bartender quickly served him a shot of tequila*.

Bottoms up! 

*apple juice

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